Problems Using the Domain Name Checker?

The 'grammar' of a domain name must be strictly adhered to.

Examples of a domain name might be:

Examples of a domain name which would not be acceptable:

Therefore a domain name may contain only the following:
Lower case letters (a-z).
Numbers (0-9).
Full stops (.) only in the suffix.
A single dash (-) but not at the start or finish of a name.
Two dashes (--) together are not permitted.

All other characters are tested for and if found then an error message such as this will be displayed:

Two dashes are not permissible in a domain name.

In order to continue, the error must be corrected by creating a new name which follows the rules as laid out above. This can then be re-submitted.

If you are having any other problems please contact us at:


Phone: (+44) 01629563790